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CALL OR TEXT CINDI LAI @ 661-889-6545 Welcome to my site, thank you for visiting. This is a brief introduction about myself. I was born in Vietnam but lived in Bakersfield, CA, during my childhood. My studies include athletic training, physical therapy, nutrition, sports education, and kinesiology. I have had over ten years of foodservice…

Protein Options

Offering beef, chicken, and fish as the main protein option. Protein option is paired with one vegetable side, and one carbohydrate side, for an affordable price. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast | Beef Top Sirloin | Beef Tri Tip | Salmon |Tilapia | Cod | Ground Turkey

Side Options

All meals include one of each item below (4 oz carbs and 5 oz veggies) Carbohydrates: Brown Rice |Quinoa | Yams | White Rice | Red Potatoes Vegetables: Mixed Veggie Blend | Broccoli | Peas | Green Beans | Asparagus